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A photo of the writer Fiona Schneider
"The past beats inside me like a second heart."
John Banville, The Sea
If you've ever held a treasured object in your hand or visited a place steeped in history, you'll understand the lure of the past.
Voices from time gone by seem to whisper to us and secrets lie waiting to be revealed.

As a writer of dual timeline novels, I love the interplay between past and present: how an object or building discovered in the here-and-now can take us back to another time and place. 
From Cambridge to Bologna, Antwerp to Amsterdam, Paris to Bonn, I write about star-crossed lovers whose journeys span the war-torn decades of the last century and echo in the present day.

My novel, The Paris Affair, is due out on the 4th July 2024 and is published by Penguin Michael Joseph.

I'm currently working on my next book and I can't wait to tell you about it soon.
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy discovering how the past has inspired me as you explore these pages and read my blog.
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